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Eugen Tarnow


    DAOS makes Notes into Exchange - will there be stability issues???

    Eugen Tarnow  January 22 2009 10:09:43 PM
    One of the often repeated mantras about Notes versus Exchange is that Exchange is inherently more unstable because of the architecture of its data store: the Exchange data store is shared while the Notes data store is not.  Thus if one Notes database goes down it does not typically take other mailfiles with it but one piece of mail might take down an entire Exchange server.

    DAOS seems to be a step towards Exchange.  The attachments are no longer stored inside containers but stored directly on disk.  IBM recommends encrypting the attachments so that anti-virus software won't get triggered by them and also recommends that the DAOS directory is exempt from anti-virus software (at least that is how I understand it).  

    Will DAOS make the mail server more or less stable?  Any comments would be appreciated.
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