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Eugen Tarnow


    Guest Blogger Michelle Fine: Lawyers getting credit for storage savings

    Eugen Tarnow  March 22 2010 11:46:30 AM
    I recently attended a lecture given by a lawyer on e-discovery in which the speaker claimed that when his firm was retained to litigate a matter, he found lots of cost savings for the client company by taking a look at how electronic records were retained. By changing their electronic records management in the way suggested by the lawyer, they could save lots of money.

    We in IT have known about this for years. Why does it take a lawyer from a fancy (and expensive) law firm to point out storage savings? Why give lawyers all the credit for stuff IT knew all along? Lawyers are stealing our thunder in this way.

    1BV  3/23/2010 7:38:27 PM  Guest Blogger Michelle Fine: Lawyers getting credit for storage savings

    I feel think its because many companies have chosen non-IT trained managers and executives mostly from accounting and operations to oversee IT. These managers while well equipped in the politics and budgeting aspects of management do not have any actual experience in the extensive details of IT work. Many do not have good relationships with their workers. IT workers don't trust a "bean counting" outsider who cant communicate important requirements using the details and language required. These managers get frustrated by their workers who dont seem to respect them, and just cant seem to communicate anything in less than 12 paragraphs filled with cryptic acronyms. The managers end up preferring consultants representing expensive out source firms who are willing to spoon feed them. The result is companies pay too much for IT thinking they are saving money.

    2Eugen Tarnow  3/24/2010 3:47:33 PM  Guest Blogger Michelle Fine: Lawyers getting credit for storage savings

    I agree with you. The managers of IT are often not the IT knowledge sources we would like them to be, especially when it comes to budget issues!

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