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Eugen Tarnow


    iPad and desktop - no need for laptops or cell phones?

    Michelle Fine  April 2 2010 01:01:57 PM
    Apple may have done it again.  As everyone has heard by now, tomorrow the first of the iPads will be available for purchase.  Much blog ink (?) has been spilled discussing this category-defying device and whether or not you really "need" it if you already have a laptop and a cellphone.

    It's possible that the laptop and the cell phone are becoming obsolete!  With LogMeIn you can always connect to your desktop (if you need your Notes clients and more serious office productivity tools) and with Skype you can make and receive calls, get voicemail, etc., sometimes of much higher quality than regular land lines.  

    Apparently much of Web 2.0 can be accessed with the iPad.  What other collaboration tools are next?

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