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Eugen Tarnow


    Lotusphere Comes To You Blog entry 1

    Eugen Tarnow  April 16 2010 10:27:43 AM
    Yesterday, Lotus held its Lotusphere Comes To You event in New York City. There was quite a lot of news, so I’ll break up my comments into two blog posts.

    The first piece of news is the favorable ratings from Gartner regarding the plug-in architecture of Notes. In the past, Gartner has not been as enthused as we are about Notes, but the 8.5 architecture that allows for plug-ins seems to have caught their attention. Gartner calls it "the future of email".

    Second of all, IBM is really pushing improvement of information access through the theme of Smarter Planet. There were some really interesting statistics surrounding information use. For example, on the average, workers spend two hours each day looking for information. So much for the information age!

    Their solution to this problem is via Lotus Connections which should help people find experts within their own organizations. I think this is an interesting approach to cutting through the "silos" we have all heard so much about and have experienced first-hand.

    IBM Project Vulcan was another development much discussed. This is going to integrate the entire IBM software group, not just Lotus. All applications should seamlessly work together, which I think will also help people get more access to information.
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