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Eugen Tarnow


    How a Retention Policy can Improve Employee Performance

    Eugen Tarnow  April 16 2011 07:43:07 PM
    When tasked with group projects, there are a number of bad habits that employees can get into. Some of these bad habits, such as the uneven division of work, have as much to do with the human condition as any conditions in the workplace. Other bad habits stem from incentives in the employees’ environment.

    One of the latter habits that can be easily rectified is the misuse of email. Often, when collectively authoring a document, employees will send copies of the document back and forth as email attachments. This practice poses numerous problems. In addition to clogging up inboxes and utilizing extra disk space, it invites the opportunity for errors and miscommunications. For instance, the trouble and confusion in renaming files can cause employees to work on or finalize incorrect versions of documents. Workers are far better off using collaboration software specifically designed for such purposes, especially if a company already owns the rights to one.

    To make email a less appealing collaboration tool, a company can implement a retention policy, where all email of a certain age has to be deleted. Then, no longer could it be counted on to store and transport information. A retention policy would also save disk space in general and encourage employees to back up important information by proper means.

    The best way to implement an email retention policy is without the user’s involvement, ensuring deletions occur as scheduled. A software-based solution is generally the best bet, and for a company that uses Lotus Notes email, it can easily implement this policy with Reducemail Pro Delete from the Reducemail Pro suite (Archive, Delete, Attach, Audit, e-Discovery, Journal). Reducemail Pro Delete offers a feature-rich of set of tools for enforcing policies and deleting unwanted messages. Administrators also have the power exclude certain users from the retention policy such as those on legal holds.  

    Optimize worker performance however possible, especially when there are other benefits to reap. Reducemail Pro Delete from the Reducemail Pro suite can help company achieve its goals.

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