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Eugen Tarnow


    Lotusphere Comes To You Blog entry 2

    Eugen Tarnow  April 26 2010 11:23:08 AM
    As with almost any other software lecture I have attended or article I have read in the last couple of years, social networking is getting a lot of attention.  It should come as no surprise that social networking is hot and getting hotter by the day.  Survey data from youngsters (anyone substantially younger than me!)  show that Facebook is turning into the software interface of the future.  While I grew up learning not to mix my personal life with my professional life, this does not seem to be the wave of the future.  Apparently, our younger folk want all information, personal and professional, to all be in one place for easy access.

    IBM is investigating possibilities of creating interfaces for other applications that look like a mail inbox.  That way more information can be found in one place and there will be ease of use due to the familiarity of the vertical interface.

    What I found interesting about that is that it is difficult to find hardware that presents in a vertical view.  Most laptops I’ve seen are wide-screen, except for some of the newer hardware recently released, such as the iPad.  I wonder if the vertical presentation is the wave of the future here.

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