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Eugen Tarnow


    The Advantage of a Lotus-Notes-Only Solution

    Eugen Tarnow  May 8 2011 07:40:42 AM
    Much of the mail-management software out there is designed for multiple platforms. Many solutions are in fact compatible with both Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes. Though this practice is certainly good for the business of companies that design mail-management software, is this practice truly ideal for their clients? Would it be advantageous for these clients to instead seek solutions designed specifically for the email systems they use?  

    The obvious concern with cross-platform mail-management software is that it is not optimized for a particular email system. The designers, in designing a product for say both Lotus Notes and Exchange, have to make decisions that will benefit users of both platforms. Any design decision that would be of great benefit to one platform’s users but of little benefit to the other’s would simply be unacceptable in light of a more equitable option. The very nature of cross-platform software prevents it from being fully devoted to solving the problems of any individual platform.    

    Mail-management software intended for only one email system, however, is designed with undivided attention to the needs of one set of users. From the interface to the underlying programming, nothing is compromised for the sake of broadening the customer base. Every design decision is meant to make things better for just one group of people. An example of such mail-management software is the Reducemail Pro suite (Archive, Delete, Attach, Audit, e-Discovery, Journal), which is intended specifically for Lotus Notes. Designed by people who know IBM’s system in and out, it runs directly on Lotus Notes and represents the optimal mail-management solution for that system.

    Consider also the quality service and support a company can receive if it acquires a one-platform solution like Reducemail Pro. The people behind Reducemail Pro are certainly very familiar with Reducemail Pro, but since they only have one email system to worry about, they have every opportunity and reason to become very familiar with Lotus Notes and Domino, which Reducemail Pro enhances. The result is that any technical inquiry or unique request will be met by experts in both the original system and the add-on.  

    Don’t compromise with solutions that compromise.


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