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Eugen Tarnow


Prevent E-Discovery Disaster

Eugen Tarnow  June 14 2011 01:46:39 PM
British Petroleum (BP), not a Lotus Notes house, but home to a lot of electronic data, will face a massive and challenging e-discovery because of lawsuits pertaining to last year’s catastrophic oil spill.  According to some experts, “the price tag for [BP’s] e-discovery alone could top $100 million.” Certainly, $100 million is not the average cost for e-discovery. BP is a Fortune 500 company after all, which is also responsible for one of the most economically devastating environmental disasters in history. Nonetheless, its potential e-discovery disaster shows a worst-case scenario for a company. There are barrages of lawsuits, extraordinary quantities of possibly relevant email, and price tags that hemorrhage money as quickly as the broken pipe hemorrhaged crude oil into sea.

Imagine a Lotus Notes house also faced with a potential e-discovery disaster. There’s no guarantee for any company that it will be spared the bad luck of BP. With costs that can easily be tens of millions of dollars (if not as high as $100 million), there is every reason for a company to protect itself and ensure that if legal discovery of its email backlog ever becomes necessary, such will be easier and cheaper to perform. The best way do that is with a Lotus Notes discovery  solution from the ReduceMail Pro suite. Investing in such software can yield significant ROI by reducing the cost of e-discovery.

Though all the modules of ReduceMail Pro (Archive, Delete, Attach, Audit, e-Discovery, Journal) have capabilities that assist in managing the Lotus Notes and Domino environment, ReduceMail Pro Audit and ReduceMail Pro e-Discovery are systems designed with legal searches and discovery in mind. Audit is designed to be used by Lotus Notes Administrators and other IT staff, while e-Discovery is designed specifically to be used by lawyers. Together, both make a powerful Lotus Notes discovery solution.

Don’t let a legal disaster creep up on your company. Experience teaches us time and time again that preparation is often a good thing

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