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Eugen Tarnow


Justifying Mail Management to Management

Eugen Tarnow  July 8 2011 10:41:20 AM
Take a look at ReduceMail Pro’s free ebook about a Lotus Notes administrator who tells his manager about the benefits of their company acquiring a mail management solution in order to justify mail management to management. It has humor, colorful pictures, and information any Lotus Notes administrator should know.  

        “We’re swimming in unmanaged email,” thought the Lotus Notes administrator as he did the breast stroke in his mind. “And soon, we’re going to drown. Legal has to spend a fortune to search for anything because they can’t do a targeted search. There’s no way of enforcing the retention policy or optimally deduplicating attachments, so we’re running out of disk space. There are too many regulations and needs, and there’s too much email, and too much of it’s on unreliable inaccessible storage media, and we don’t have any help except that lousy intern and Notes’s limited native features!”
        And then he remembered that, though he was a mere mild-mannered IT professional, he was also a problem-solving go-getter. He went to the IT manager to tell him that something needed to be done.
        The IT manager, who was usually stressed, paced around his office and greeted the Lotus Notes administrator with a harrumph.  
“What is it?” asked the IT manager.
        “We have a serious problem, one which I will solve, but I need your help.”
        “What problem? I hope it’s not related to those cultist hackers or the rogue spam robot.”
        “No. Those were defeated long ago. We’re haunted by something more insidious. Mail-management problems, a host of them. Everybody’s affected, IT, the lawyers, and everyone else.”
        “At least I care about one of those groups of people,” said the IT manager. “Explain to me what’s going on.”

Read more with flash and illustrations.  

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