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Eugen Tarnow


E-Discovery-A Basic Guide for IT

Eugen Tarnow  July 12 2011 03:39:15 PM
ReduceMail Pro has a free ebook (see our other free ebook, Justifying Mail Management to Management), which we would like you to see. It is called E-Discovery-A Basic Guide for IT and explains the ins and outs of e-discovery as far as the Lotus Notes administrator is concerned.  

If you are a Lotus Notes administrator who spends any of your time managing email, you have probably heard about e-discovery.  The need to search old email for specific content for your corporate legal department for the purposes of litigation is the basic core of e-discovery.  Most of these requests seem to happen in an “emergency” fashion, putting an extra burden on an already stretched IT department.  The lawyers often seem very upset and under extreme pressure to deliver on a tight deadline, which they often pass on to IT.  The whole process tends to be quite stressful, and there is a lot of misunderstanding between legal and IT.
The purpose of this short guide is to give IT professionals and particularly Lotus Notes administrators basic information about e-discovery and the process of gathering and producing it.  Hopefully, this will help increase understanding among IT and legal workers in the enterprise to increase efficiency and lower stress.  It will also help you consider ways to be better prepared to locate documents in the email datastore.

Read more with flash and illustrations.

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