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Eugen Tarnow


    ReduceMail Pro’s Kill-It-Dead Deletion, an Advanced Lotus Notes Security Tool

    Eugen Tarnow  July 15 2011 03:15:28 PM
    July 17, 2011-Fair Lawn, New Jersey-A kill-it-dead deletion is an advanced deletion process for Lotus Notes developed by Avalon Business Systems as a feature of the ReduceMail Pro suite. The unique kill-it-dead technology allows for companies to remove content from their Lotus Notes systems more completely than ever before, which is a useful tool when Lotus Notes’s native deletions are insufficient.  
    The Need for Absolute Deletions

    After all, for companies that are regularly involved in lawsuits, having too many electronic documents can pose problems and make e-discovery far more expensive and difficult than it needs to be. Having too many electronic documents can also be costly and pose real security risks as the greater quantity of information is harder to keep track of.  When the IT department at General Motors spoke with Avalon Business Systems, they expressed these concerns. They were looking for a way to makes sure that certain electronic documents were fully removed from their system and found they could not get the job done with Lotus Notes’s native deletions.    
    There are in fact two types of deletions native to Lotus Notes, the soft and hard, and both are not absolute. In a soft deletion, a user can delete a document but, for a few days, still be able to get it back. In a hard deletion, a user can permanently delete a document, but if another copy of it exists on a separate database, the copy can remain if deletion stubs are not synchronized (“replicated”). In response to GM’s inquiry, Avalon Business Systems developed a kill-it-dead deletion, which is even more powerful than a hard deletion. The process results in a permanent deletion akin to a hard deletion, but it first removes all content in all synchronizing copies of the document being deleted, regardless of end user interface.  
    The kill-it-dead deletion feature is now available for any company in addition to ReduceMail Delete, a deletion and policy-enforcement tool for Lotus Notes, as well as ReduceMail Pro Archive, an advanced mail archiving tool that includes Delete. Visit for more details on Archive, Delete, and the ReduceMail Pro suite.    
    About Avalon Business Systems

    Avalon Business Systems is a leading provider of Lotus Notes and Domino technology and services with a specialization in Notes mail issues (archiving, removal and discovery). Founded in New York City in 1997, Avalon has helped to fill the need for highly specialized Lotus Notes and Domino capabilities among sophisticated business organizations and government agencies. Since its inception, Avalon has helped clients develop and manage their Lotus Notes and Domino technology through application development, strategic business solution implementation, and management of the Notes mail enterprise. Its technology products are second to none in delivering quality solutions, high return on investment, and state-of-the-art task management. All of its products are backed by extensive expertise in all aspects of Lotus Notes and Domino.
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