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Eugen Tarnow


Archiving Reversal

Eugen Tarnow  July 26 2011 03:18:26 PM
One thing I hear occasionally when talking to clients is that they’re migrating to Exchange. Of course, this is old news. Lotus Notes has been losing market share in the West to Microsoft’s system for quite some time, and it’s not rare for me to hear clients talking about going to Google too. As much as the ReduceMail Pro team may admire Notes and lament that it is no longer the only game in town, we recognize that companies moving away from Notes can still be in need of Notes-related services.

In fact, there is one particular problem companies migrating away from Lotus Notes may encounter that ReduceMail Pro Archive is able to solve. When email is archived, either by another solution or by Notes’s native archiving, it is put in an archive database that is different than its original database. The existence of extra archive databases can complicate the migration process, increasing costs and burdening the administrators in charge of the migration.

ReduceMail Pro Archive can reverse the archiving, putting emails back in their original form in their original databases.

At the end of the day, though some companies have opted to leave Lotus Notes, they still deserve the best in Lotus Notes services. I think almost all IBM business partners would agree with that.

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