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Four Smart Ways to Invest in your Lotus Notes Mail System

Anna Sandler  November 28 2011 01:08:57 PM
With 2011 quickly coming to a close, have you reached all your goals as a Lotus Notes Administrator this year? What can you do in December to have your mail system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible?

Here are four smart ways to invest in your Lotus Notes system which will pay dividends for years to come:

1.        Put in place a solid email archiving system. At RedueMailPro, we have an advanced mail archiving system that uses a centralized archiving and removal process to reduce excessive email – resulting in a reduction in backup time by as much as 85%, a well as other time and cost savings as well. Learn more about Archive here.

2.        Consolidate attachments on an ongoing basis. Our Lotus Note attachment consolidation process makes it possible to remove duplicate attachments, which results in lower storage costs while optimizing mail server performance at the same time. Learn more about Attach here.

3.        Have a plan if you are subpoenaed or audited. Do you know how you will conduct real-time searches if you need to? With ReduceMail Pro Audit, you can find and produce emails quickly and easily – as well as maintain control over the audit process. Learn more about Audit here.

4.        Be prepared for e-Discovery requests. Is your legal department ready for an e-Discovery request? Our solution makes it possible for legal staff to search emails by keyword, collect documents into designated databases, and maintain an audit trail – all with no involvement from IT required. Learn more about e-Discovery here.

By making these smart investments in your Lotus Notes mail system now, you’ll be ready for any challenges that may come your way in 2012.

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