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    Do you have year-end budget to make purchases? What will you buy?

    Anna Sandler  December 5 2011 02:53:14 PM
    Do you have some of your annual budget remaining that you must spend before the end of the year or else you “lose” it?
    While I can recall the hilarious debate on The Office about how their department’s surplus should be spent, the truth is there are some serious improvements you can invest that surplus money in now – which will result in cost savings all year long in 2012.
    For example, think of how much time and hassle you could save if you spent money on a system (like the one from ReduceMail Pro) that meant no one in your organization ever had to worry again about exceeding their In-box's quota. ReduceMail Pro's archiving system is housed in the back-end, so front-end users get all of the advantages without having to do a thing.
    And what if you could spend some surplus funds now on an e-Discovery solution that you could use as much as you wanted during 2012?  Not only could you use this search and discover program every time legal had a request, but the solution is built so legal staff can run it all on their own, with no IT assistance required.
    So what happens next year when you use this year’s surplus budget to make some smart purchasing decisions, which means you’ll save even more money in 2012, and next year’s surplus becomes even bigger?
    I’m not sure I know the answer, but I do know… that’s one problem I wouldn’t mind having.
    How will you spend any remaining year-end budget this year?

    Evaluate ReduceMail Pro with a free trial.
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