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Eugen Tarnow


    The reason not to convert to Google mail

    Eugen Tarnow  December 8 2010 09:22:16 AM
    Google Mail is inferior to Notes in two ways:

    1.  Notes is not just a mail system but a system in which many, perhaps most, of your administrative needs can be taken care of within the same interface as Notes mail.  Many, if not most, companies have stopped Notes development BUT THEY ARE SIMPLY WRONG.  Notes applications are much simpler and more secure than applications written on other platforms.  I have seen companies move to Exchange and then reprogram their Notes applications in .NET and it is a mess.

    2.  Google Mail offers the big brother product in more ways than one.  If you had a choice, thirty years ago, would you really insist on an ATT phone system if there were more controllable, nimbler products out there?  Products that allow you to customize your company needs and does not tie you down to one size fits all? And would you really insist that the big brother product would be cheaper in the long run?  Remember making overseas calls and shelling out a fortune to a lazy monopoly?
    Email is the most important communication device in any company.  CIOs are just wrong in giving it a low status.
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