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Eugen Tarnow


Why Archive Notes Mail?

Eugen Tarnow  July 1 2011 04:44:24 PM
Not every company that uses Lotus Notes takes full advantage of email archiving, even though archiving provides tangible benefits. When email lingers in full-form in mailfiles, the aggregate of those messages can take up a lot of hard disk space, especially in an enterprise with many users. Archiving saves space by separating out older messages and allows a company to save on server hardware and maintenance costs.
Lotus Notes’s native archiving features are not really the best tool for archiving Notes mail, though. They lack some important capabilities provided by ReduceMail Pro Archive from the ReduceMail Pro suite. For one thing, they do not have all-in-the-mailfile archiving.  Instead users have to go to two separate databases for new and old mail, and if they create new mail in the old mail database, the new mail is stored in the old mail database. User confusion is very costly. Imagine the long-term productivity savings, if you can save five minutes of confusion per user per day. With ReduceMail Pro Archive, users have a simple interface in which they have access to only one mailfile, which contains new mail and stubs for the old mail.
Lotus Notes’s native archiving features also do not have additional capabilities that allow the administrator to delete email as well as optimally organize the mailfile. ReduceMail Pro Archive is not just an ancillary application, it is an advanced yet easy-to-use mail-management tool to service the enterprise.
If your company is any bit sizable, you should definitely look into Lotus Notes archiving from ReduceMail Pro, even if you use native archiving already.

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