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Eugen Tarnow


Get the lawyers off your back

Eugen Tarnow  November 8 2011 09:06:49 AM
In this day and age where productivity is king, it is not rare at all to find an overworked white-collar worker. You may be one of them.  Sure, in all professions, there are some who get by doing very little, but in order for such individuals to succeed, they need others to put in the sweat and blood.

With information technology being the imperfect beast that it is, IT departments frequently have more than their fair share of overworked white-collar workers.  Whether it’s dealing with help desk calls, system errors, or software migrations, IT workers, particularly Lotus Notes administrators, can have a lot on their plate. In my book, anything that can be done to minimize the tasks performed by Lotus Notes administrators and other IT workers is a boon to the organization. The less they are burdened with unnecessary responsibilities, the more they can focus on work where they create value.

My expertise is in Lotus Notes, so of course I do not know every way to improve the IT work experience. I do know how to take one particular unnecessary responsible out of Lotus Notes administrators’ hands, however. That would be responsibility for e-discovery.

When organizations are sued, they may be required to produce electronic documents like email as part of the legal discovery (or document search) process. This is “e-discovery,” and oftentimes, the Lotus Notes administrator or other members of the IT department will have to devote a lot of time and energy to work with the organization’s lawyers, facilitating e-discovery. After all, the expertise of the legal department is the law, not software, and they should not be expected to successfully use complicated programs by themselves. Nonetheless, what if there were a tool that was easy enough to use that it could empower lawyers to perform the text searches and other functions necessitated by e-discovery with minimal handholding from IT?

For organizations that use Lotus Notes, there is such a tool, ReduceMail Pro E-Discovery, which was designed with lawyers in mind. It will allow IT staff to shed an unnecessarily responsibility and refocus their time and effort elsewhere. It may also allow IT staff to relax just a little bit more than before.      

Evaluate ReduceMail Pro with a free trial.

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