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Eugen Tarnow


    Three Reasons Lotus Notes is the Right Choice for Your Organization

    Eugen Tarnow  November 21 2011 01:50:52 PM
    Are you currently in the middle of making the difficult decision of which email client your company should use? This is a major choice for every organization, and there are lots of variables that must be considered to determine the right provider for you and your company.

    Here are three reasons why Lotus Notes is the best choice:

    · SecurityLotus Notes is a more secure option than Microsoft Exchange. With spammers, hackers, and viruses becoming the online norm rather than the exception, the safety and security of your email system is of paramount importance. While there are plenty of stories of breaches to Microsoft Exchange security, there has never been a notable cyber attack to Lotus Notes. And our mail management system, ReduceMail Pro, has never been hacked (knock wood).

    · Future Development The potential application development in the future makes IBM’s Lotus Notes product truly exceptional. With IBM’s vast resources – made even more so by Warren Buffett’s recent 10.7 billion investment – adopting Lotus Notes now will help your company succeed for many years ahead.

    · Affordability The Lotus Notes solution is less expensive than Microsoft Exchange. And with similar product functionality, I think this money could be put to better use elsewhere… like in your holiday bonus.

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